Alarm for the alleged “black hand” of Jorge Rial on Romina Pereiro

Romina Pereiro received a resounding labor setback, while she is in a moment of tension with Jorge Rial. The nutritionist was going to join the Ariel program in her Salsa (Telefe), but now she learned that someone had dropped her from the cycle.

Romina Pereirothe ex-wife of Jorge Rial, had announced his landing on Telefe, twice a week to talk about nutrition. But we won’t see her on Monday. I did not speak with Romina but I did with Telefe. They called me and told me that she is not going to be on the show. She must not be happy with this news, she wanted to go back to work“, detailed Ángel de Brito in LAM (America) when explaining the moment he is going through pereiro.