Alarm on Televisa: Julián Gil reveals that he was diagnosed with skin cancer and shows a scar

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Mexico City.- Julian Gil surprised this Wednesday by sharing that he was diagnosed with cancer of skin The actor made the confession because he was questioned by his followers about a scar that he has on his chest.

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the former of Marjorie deSousa He was honest through a video that he posted on his Instagram stories where he explained that he suffered from skin cancer and had to undergo surgery so that his life was not at risk.

It turns out that more than a year ago a mole with a bit of relief and I went to a dermatologist endocrinologist and it turned out to be skin cancer. I’m fine, I had to operate, but for me it was a very big shock to find out that I had cancer,” said the artist.

Gil had to go into the operating room and had surgery to remove the mole, which was a success. The Argentine hesitated to make his condition public, because “it was something very personal”, but he did it to help “raise awareness” among the people.

Furthermore, the artist Televisa He accepted his responsibility in the development of cancer and shared with his followers that he had already reflected enough to be more careful with his skin, since his loved ones had already warned him, but he did not dimension the possible consequences of tan Following.

In Puerto Rico I abused the sun a lot, I wanted to be black, burnt, I was one of those who even smeared on baby oil and that way I turned upside down in the sunand well, everyone told me not to sunbathe so much, that it was going to give me skin cancer, but I thought I was a superhero and I thought it was not going to give me, “he mentioned.

The actor must have medical check-ups every 6 months, especially now that “something” came out of his nose that the doctor “didn’t like”. In addition to advising his followers telling them “Do not sunbathe, or at least not so much or use sunscreen or sunscreen.”

Source: Univision, Infoabe and TV Notes