Alba Delgado: “When God made the legs, I was in line with JLo, Rihanna and Beyoncé”

The former Miss Universe El Salvador 2013 “defended” her slim and very toned figure before her followers.

The announcer and former Miss Universe El Salvador 2013, Alba Delgado, came out in defense of the slender body she has before her followers, this after affirming that she is “piernuda” and, apparently, receiving several messages from her followers.

It all started because the beautiful Salvadoran woman showed her more than 100,000 Instagram followers the new clothes she had acquired, including shorts. “This short is simple, but the legs will understand me, I don’t like them to squeeze my legs,” she said in a story.

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Hours later, Delgado made other stories saying that many had been “excited” because he said he was piernuda, in this sense he reaffirmed that it is so and even compared himself to three famous singers.

“I’m piernudas, babys, when God made the piernudas we were with JLo, Rihanna and Beyonce. Handjobs, handjobs, I was in line with Lou, the fit girl with the big butt. Hey no, yes I am piernuda and what happens then, ”she expressed with a laugh.

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True or not her comparison, what is true is that Alba Delgado is one of the most beautiful Salvadoran celebrities in entertainment and admired by many on social networks.

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