Alba Díaz wears the most trendy ‘milky’ nails this fall 2022

      Autumn has already come into our lives and our eyes are on the trending manicures of this new season. We anticipate that the French manicure will continue to be a hit (I’m sure you expected it), although we can’t forget the classic tones that always accompany us in the most romantic season of the year: brown, burgundy or the classic bottle green, which always look good. Simplicity will continue to be the guideline that governs the trend manicures of these months and, in this sense, one of our favorites are the ‘milky nails’, design to which Alba Díaz has just signed up.

      When we talk about ‘milky’ nails, we refer to nails enameled in shades that They range from the classic and timeless ‘nude’ to more milky tones. Of translucent finish, This manicure is elegant like few others and it has totally conquered us. Alba Díaz is on our team and has already joined the manicure that promises to unseat the French classic as the queen of the season. If you are a fan of simple and elegant manicures, you will love this option.

      alba diaz's 'milky' nails

      Alba DiazInstagram

      We had already been bitten by the bug when Laura Escanes and Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo coincided with the ‘milky’ nails, but after seeing how ideal Alba Díaz’s are, we have no doubt that it will be the next manicure we get. The Madrid ‘influencer’ has chosen to give her nails an almond shape, but the truth is that this manicure sits well on any type of nail, even if you have them short. What are you waiting for to call your nearest beauty salon?