Albert of Monaco: this video with a famous youtuber who surprises

Tuesday March 22, 2022, Albert II of Monaco shared on Instagram a photo of him accompanied by a famous French youtubeur. A snapshot taken in the courtyard of his palace during a “amazing shoot”.

If Prince Albert II of Monaco is a sports enthusiast, his admirers did not expect discover it with a famous youtuber known for his fitness videos. This Tuesday, March 22, the Monegasque sovereign revealed on his Instagram account, a photo of him in the courtyard of his palace accompanied by Thibaud Delapart, alias Tibo InShape. Facing the camera, the two men chat with a smile.

A captioned shot: “Meeting today at the Prince’s Palace between the French Youtuber Tibo InShape and Prince Albert”. If the companion of Charlene of Monaco did not reveal more about this meeting, the influencer shared some details. In his Instagram story of the day (ephemeral videos, editor’s note), he rejoiced: “Filming of the next Youtube video. It’s going to be an amazing shoot. We’ve been organizing it for a long time and it’s happening today.

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Tibo InShape meets Louis Ducruet, Prince Albert’s nephew

Determined to keep the mystery, the young man clarified: “We are not going to reveal too much to you either. We are going to keep the surprise a little bit”. Tibo InShape then shared a photo of him accompanied by Louis Ducruetthe nephew of the prince, in full “tie coaching”. For his part, the son of Stephanie of Monaco and Arnaud Ducruet posted on his official account a snapshot of him with the famous youtubeur. “Big shoot with Tibo InShape! Thank you for your time and your professionalism!”, she wrote in the caption. But again, impossible to know more about the subject of this video.

Albert of Monaco and his unexpected speech

Recently, it was for his position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine that Prince Albert II was talked about. During a speech from the prince’s palace, posted on Instagram on March 17he solemnly declared:My dear compatriots, dear residents, dear friends, since February 24, invasion of Ukraine, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating day after day. […] The Principality of Monaco joins the appeal of the international community in favor of respect for humanitarian law”.

He then announced that he was ready to reach out to Ukrainian refugees: We will participate in this momentum to our extent and with the means that are ours. Our schools, our volunteers and our available resources will be mobilized to welcome, accompany and support these displaced and vulnerable people.” Before concluding : The Monegasque Red Cross will also bring all its expertise in the field of humanitarian crisis management and I know that other identities of Monegasque civil society are also hard at work to support the efforts deployed at local and international level”.

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage