Alberto Barros builds a dance floor with his Colombian salsa in the Auditorium – El Sol de México

Alberto Barros caused euphoria among the audience that filled the 10,000 seats of the National Auditorium, from his appearance on stage.

The Titan of Salsa appeared for the first time in the venue, where he performed around 30 pieces, which several couples danced in the corridors. It started with a medley that included Cali pachanguero, Rebellion, Hey, look, see, The prisoner, Michaela Y My neighborin the voice of the singers Pacho-Polo, Chocko, Jordi, Arnold and AB.

They also performed songs like Raindrops, Quote Y for holding you. Alberto Barros, trombonist and director of the Colombian Salsa All Star orchestra, had several guests on his big night. When presenting the Mexican singer Mariana Seoane, he did it with great affection for the theme Let no one know.

When he called Emir and Don Humberto Pabón from the Cañaveral group to the stage, they performed the chain, pretty and liar Y A bunch of stars.

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The Dynamic Sonora with the piece So beautifulmade an appearance, raising the spirits of the already effusive audience, to later give way to the repertoire of his latest album, Despecho, as Two-legged rat, what a bad man Y The advice.

Towards the end of the concert they performed True love and one more medley of hits. Before saying goodbye, Alberto Barros who will be back on February 23, 2023, in this same forum, “to make the stage a great dance floor”, he promised.