Alberto Fernández and Fabiola Yañez are defined by these two names for their son

Last September, from the Presidency they announced that the president Alberto Fernandez and the first lady, Fabiola YanezThey were expecting their first child together. According to the statement from the Presidential Medical Unit, Fabiola was “in the tenth week of her pregnancy. Her health is good and under strict medical control.”

Later, new details of the sweet wait were revealed and it was the president himself who announced the sex of the baby. “Today is a special day for me too, for my family. As you know, together with Fabiola, we are going to be parents. Today we know it will be a boy. It makes us very happy to tell you that we love each other, that we love our little baby, that we love forming a family in our beloved Argentina,” said Alberto. From that moment, which was for Mother’s Day, no further details emerged.