“Alcohol, Excess, Coke, Drunkenness, 30-year-old body” and his ex “a sublime actress, a super mom”…

Director Olivier Marchal, 63, was a guest on the set of Chez Jordan. The opportunity for the cop who has become an actor and filmmaker to talk about Catherine, the mother of his 4 children, his diet which made him lose ten kilos and “his demons”.

Is Olivier Marchal done playing with death? Guest on the show At Jordan’s, the director of 36 Quai des Goldsmiths (and ex-companion of Michèle Laroque) delivered on his new lifestyle.

How did Olivier Marchal lose 10 kilos?

Among his good resolutions, the creator of television series Cops and braquo originally from Bordeaux decided to lose weight. For this, he adheres to a strict diet low in sugar and lipids which requires the elimination of many foods. “I no longer drink. More bread, more cheese, more desserts. Only vegetables and diet creams“, he reported to Jordan de Luxe.

Married 20 years to Catherine Quiniou, he separated from his wife in 2015, but…

Husband of Catherine (Quiniou) Marchal from whom he has been separated for six years, Olivier Marchal still lives under the same roof as his ex-wife in order to educate their four children, Léa, 27, Zoé, 23, young actressand the youngest Ninon, 16, and Basile, 12.

And the least we can say is that he admires the actress ofHere it all starts. She’s a wonderful actress. She’s a great mom who is my best friend, my sister and my better half“. And to add: I am complicated. I am a very difficult boy to live withnot “a good guy“. Because if Olivier Marchal considers himself to be a man “kind, generous, honest and hardworking“, he concedes “dare demons. I like the night and I like drifting. I like bars and I like the dark side of life.

Olivier Marchal and alcohol: “I like the state of drunkenness”

Despite a balanced diet, the former policeman at the PJ of Versailles has trouble drawing a radical line on alcohol. “Drinking is occasional. It’s festive. Alcohol has always been present in my life. As Jean Gabin said in Un singe en hiver: ‘Suzanne, stop bothering me. It’s not alcohol that I miss, it’s drunkenness. I like drunkenness. I go into delusions of reading, writing …” he let go without filter.

Olivier Marchal sober at work: “I’ve never been drunk on a set”

If the director indulges in a drink occasionally, he clarifies that this does not happen to him in the context of his work. “I’m a workhorse, I’m very serious. My father taught me to respect employers, people who pay us… I’ve never been drunk on set. When I realize, these are 18-hour days. Afterwards, in the evening, I can drink shots with my actors, the technicians, we can remake the world” he confided.

Olivier Marchal and drugs: “a man of excess

The polar specialist in France does not hide having known drifts.I’ve been far in alcohol, dope and many things. I am a man of excess“, launched at Jordan de Luxe, Olivier Marchal who says he took “coke” on the sets when he did not touch it in the police.

But lifestyle now seems to be a thing of the past. And for good reason, at 63, the one who was named Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters in January 2010 intends to live as long as possible. “At my age, if I want to continue, before becoming an old man, I want to preserve myself. I want to feel lighter, youngerbecause we find the body that we had when we had 30 years. It just makes you work better“, he concluded.

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