Alcohol, women and drugs? The truth that Mario Bezares revealed about Paco Stanley

Mario Bezares’ relationship with Paco Stanley was so close that each time it is difficult to talk about one without referring to the other. On this tragic anniversary of Stanley (23 years have passed since his tragic murder) the interview resurfaced in which Bezares recounted what the life of excess was like for both of them at the height of his popularity.

“The party starts the moment we’re successful with the show, the moment we have any number of live (advertising) mentions. I went with my in-laws and it was impressive how many people asked me for autographs, I I had to go into stores so they would leave me alone because it was impressive,” Bezares said in an interview with Yordi Rosado in 2021.

Indeed, Stanley and Bezares became the most famous figures on television during the 1990s. That career in constant ascent could only be stopped with the murder of Paco, which occurred on June 7, 1999, outside a restaurant in Periférico.

Mario says that “the party” started early and was daily. “We were going to have breakfast on Monday and there, a chelita, two chelitas. We went to the office and at two in the afternoon we were going to eat. There a martini, me, a dry martini, he, sweet. We ate and a chelita and an anise. Then a güisquito, four güisquitos… that in the restaurant. On the way to the office we were already excited and Paco was talking to order some bottles”.

In his story, Mario Bezares says that this happened every day, except Sundays. “We had to attend to the family,” says the driver.

He also remembers that his relationship with Paco became even closer when he became his head director. “Nobody but me directed it at events, programs, in theater.”

He says that they did not even stop to ask how much Bezares was going to charge for the projects. “He would give me a bag with my payment and I would take it. He would say to me, ‘Aren’t you going to tell?’ I told him no. ‘What if I steal from you?’ He asked me. Ah, well, it’s your problem, I told him.”

In this context, Mario and Paco’s party continued in the office, where they drank from the bottles that Paco ordered. “Until they gave us four in the morning. And then we said ‘well, let’s go to breakfast’. That’s where it started again.”

When asked if they also used drugs, Bezares confessed: “Very occasionally. The joke there was to drink… when we were very bad, well, hey, a little guy to lighten you up.”

“And what did they drink?” asked Yordi. Bezares replied: “Everything, even the pulse.”

Regarding the romances, Mario assures that they were not womanizers as people suppose. “Paco a little bit, but not what you think.”