Aldi hits hard with this essential product for this summer cheaper than at Lidl!

Aldi: The air conditioner is a tool that seems to have a very specific use in the period that we are going through. Indeed, the latter makes it possible to better withstand the heat. But it looks like Aldi has a cheaper product from Lidl!

The Aldi air conditioner, an essential tool?

It is a name that has certainly become a trend in many stores and boutiques. Indeed, the air conditioner is a tool that will have a specific use in the period when we are about to live.

This allows you to lower the temperature of your home in a short time. But all this while maintaining it thanks to specific functions. Indeed, you should know that the air conditioner will have this specific use thanks to its technology and its tools.

There are many, such as portables, which are much cheaper than air conditioning. These are quite easy to install, and can also be moved to many specific locations.

So, know that the race for the air conditioner has already taken place in the face of the wave of heat waves that we have already had. But it seems that some brands offer more attractive products than others. And this will be particularly the case of Aldi, which seems to challenge Lidl on this aspect!

Aldi offers an air conditioner cheaper than Lidl!

These are two big names in consumption that seem to be waging a specific battle for the best air conditioner.

Indeed, you should know that the vast majority of retail stores have this type of device. Becoming essential in the face of the great heat that is looming for this summer, it will be a widely used device.

In particular, it will make it possible to better withstand the successive waves of heat which arrive earlier and earlier.

But the brands seek to attract as many customers as possible, given these different situations. And for that, they do not hesitate to use increasingly radical means, such as lowering prices.

And it’s Aldi that seems to win the palme d’or for the best product in this category. Indeed, the brand offers the 3-in-1 local air conditionerwhich will be marketed at 199€ at Aldi (except certain stores listed on the website). If you want to get it, you can buy it from Saturday, June 25, 2022.

An aspect that must be taken into account regarding the price, since the latter is much lower than its competitors. Indeed, you should know that the air conditioner from Aldi is marketed at a lower price than its competitor Lidl.

In the latter, we find the same product at a fairly high price, as it is offered at 269 euros. Note also that the air cooler from Lidl is also offered at a price of 19.99 euros.

A characteristic to take into account, because these are products that will be greatly purchased by consumers.

The different characteristics!

Thus, some air conditioners seem to have a better impact than others. We must not forget that each product seems to provide a specific touch-up and a specific function that the other does not have.

And this can greatly change the balance, because consumers will go to the product that will have the best function.

Quigg 3-in-1 Local Air Conditioner Promo at ALDI

Thus, we are going to give you the features that will be present in this air conditioner offered by the Aldi chain of stores.

Here is the list of its technical characteristics:

  • Model AC3-FA
  • Functions: cools, ventilates and dehumidifies
  • Dimensions: 35 x 75 x 38 centimeters
  • Accessories: remote control, a hose to evacuate the air, an adapter for wall and window mounting
  • Cooling capacity 9,000 BTU (2.6 kW).
  • Energy class A
  • Ecological refrigerant R290A
  • Thermostat adjusts from 17°C to 30°C
  • 3 operating speeds
  • Programmable timer up to 24 hours
  • Sound level 63dB
  • Warranty: 3 years by the manufacturer

From now on, you know everything about this tool that will allow you to breathe during this summer. And this, especially when the temperature reaches very high values ​​like last week in France. Remember that temperatures of more than 40°C were recorded, which announces a bad thing for the future!