Aldo Miyashiro did not appear in “La banda del Chino” after ‘ampay’ with the reporter Fiorella Retiz Érika Villalobos VIDEO Farándula RMMN | SHOWS

Aldo Miyashiro He did not appear in “La banda del Chino”. The driver was absent from the recent edition of his nightly program after Magaly Medina released a video of him kissing reporter Fiorella Retiz, despite being married to actress Érika Villalobos.

The América TV space did go on the air at its usual time, but under the command of Víctor Hugo Dávila, better known as ‘The People’s Reporter’.

The panelists of “La banda del Chino” did not issue any comment on Miyashiro’s ‘ampay’ and presented different informative notes on the national situation.

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This is how “La banda del Chino” began

‘Ampay’ by Aldo Miyashiro and reporter Fiorella Retiz

The host Aldo Miyashiro was caught kissing Fiorella Retiz, a reporter for “Once Machos FC”, a sequence of the program “La banda del Chino”.

The images were recorded in the early hours of April 19 in the district of San Isidro, specifically in the apartment of journalist Óscar del Portal.

The passionate kisses between Miyashiro and Retiz They occurred after the presenter returned from a trip to Europe with his wife, the renowned actress Érika Villalobos.

Complete 'Ampay' by Aldo Miyashiro and the reporter Fiorella Retiz, where kisses were evidenced


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