Aldo Miyashiro returned to TV: Choca Mandros gives his opinion on the return of the driver to La banda del Chino Video Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

Aldo Miyashiro He reappeared in “La banda del Chino” on the night of Friday, May 13, after starring in an ‘ampay’ with the reporter Fiorella Retiz, despite the fact that he is married to the actress Érika Villalobos.

After the incorporation of Miyashiro to América TV, different local entertainment personalities have spoken about it and ‘Choca’ Mandros was no exception.

The host used the cameras of her program “You are in all” to refer to the recent appearance of Aldo Miyashiro in “La banda del Chino”.

“Well, that’s clear, he says he won’t talk about it again. It already depends on him and on his work to be able to recover his loved ones because, well, I have always said that one must take responsibility for the things he says and does ”, He commented in the recent edition of his Saturday space.

Shock over Miyashiro's return: "You have to take responsibility for your mistakes"
Shock on Miyashiro’s return: “One has to take responsibility for his mistakes”

Aldo Miyashiro reappears in ‘The Chinese Band’ after ampay with Fiorella Retiz

After the scandal he starred in after being ‘protected’ kissing Fiorella Retiz, Aldo Miyashiro returned to host his program “La banda del Chino”.

The driver began his program by thanking his colleagues for taking over the entertainment space during his absence, and also explained the reasons that led him to return to television.

“Tell people that this time that I have been absent is because I am trying to repair the damage that I have done to my family, and that is what I am going to continue doing as long as I am alive, but I have to work and I have to go out into the street to work like any of you”explained the also actor.

Aldo Miyashiro reappears in 'The Chinese Band' after ampay with Fiorella Retiz
Host Aldo Miyashiro reappeared on his program ‘La banda del chino’ after being away from the screens for several weeks due to the ‘ampay’ he starred in with his former reporter Fiorella Retiz. The actor also explained the reasons why he made the decision to return to América Televisión. (Source: America TV)