Alec Baldwin: Cute picture with his daughter – he finally seems happy again

Alec Baldwin (64) didn’t have it easy last year. After the deadly drama on the “Rust” film set accident, in which a shot fired from his gun killed camerawoman Halyna Hatchins († 42), he was in the media spotlight for weeks.

Luckily, there’s other news from the Baldwin House as well. At the end of March, he and his wife Hilaria (38) announced that they were expecting children again in the fall. And there are also currently pictures of the family that are just beautiful.

Hilaria Baldwin posted a sweet picture of Alec Baldwin and little daughter Lucia (1) on Instagram. She is the sixth child in the family and was delivered by a surrogate mother.

Alec Baldwin: Cute photo with daughter – he finally seems happy again

The little girl stands on her feet and holds her father’s hand. She looks at him happily. Baldwin himself is slightly bent over and turns to his daughter. He walks barefoot in the sand and a smile can be seen on his half-turned face. Baldwin seems happy, finally back.

When child number seven is born in the fall, things can only get better. How nice that the family can also make the acting star happy when the wind blows in his face from everywhere.