Alec Baldwin, noticed return to the red carpet with Hilaria, 6 months after his fatal shooting

Thursday, April 21, Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria attended the premiere of the play “Hangmen”, at the Golden Theater, in New York. For the occasion, both wore sober and elegant outfits. This is the couple’s first public appearance since the 64-year-old actor caused a fatal shooting on the set of the western “Rust” in New Mexico.

As a reminder, on October 21, 2021, the director of photography Halyna Hutchins, was accidentally killed by a revolver handled by the actor. This weapon, which should have contained blank bullets, would not have been properly checked by the gunsmith hired on the set. In an interview with the channel “ABC Alec Baldwin said he felt neither “guilty” nor “responsible” for the drama.

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A report that “exonerates” Alec Baldwin?

After a months-long investigation, a major milestone was reached this week. According to a police report released by New Mexico authorities on Wednesday (April 19th), the producers of the feature film showed “manifest indifference to the recognized dangers associated with the use of firearms on the tray”. A court in New Mexico has therefore imposed a fine of 136,793 dollars, or 126,000 euros, on the production company for not having respected the safety instructions during the filming. “Our investigation has shown that this tragedy would never have happened had Rust Movie Productions, LLC followed the guidelines for the safe use of weapons in the motion picture industry,” said Cabinet Secretary James Kennedy. Environment.

This Thursday, April 20, the lawyers of Alec Baldwin highlighted the elements of the investigation which give reason to their client. “We appreciate that the report exonerates Mr. Baldwin by making it clear that he believed the gun contained only blanks. Additionally, the report acknowledges that Mr. Baldwin’s authority on set was limited to approving script changes,” they wrote in a text posted to the comedian’s Instagram account.

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Despite this ordeal, Alec Baldwin is about to experience a happy event. In the coming months, his wife Hilaria will give birth to their seventh child. Together they already have: Carmen (born in 2013), Rafael (born in 2015), Leonardo (born in 2016), Romeo (born in 2018), Eduardo (born in 2020) and María (born in 2021 by surrogate mother) . From his previous marriage to Kim Basinger, he also has another daughter, Ireland, 26.