Aleida Núñez denies that she is ashamed of her boyfriend for being a cameraman | Famous

The actress of ‘Corazón Guerrero’ said she was “very happy” with the man she is currently dating and asked that the classist rumors that have arisen about it be ignored, referring to the fact that a Mexican publication spread that she was sorry that it was known that she has a relationship with a cameraman.

TVNotas reported on May 5 that Núñez, 41, was romantically captured during a music festival in Mexico with a person named David González, 39, and a cameraman by profession. The model confirmed that she is her boyfriend, however, neither her name nor her profession coincide with the identity of her gallant.

According to the source consulted by the magazine, the model has kept her relationship out of public scrutiny out of “penalty” to start a relationship with someone who could not give her the standard of living she is used to. Regarding this, Aleida Núñez argued that what she said are “many lies”.

“I want to clarify that what came out, first of all, is not even the name of the person I’m dating, he’s not a cameraman eitherit’s not his name, it’s not his last name, I’m not ashamed of him,” said the actress.

Without mentioning who her new partner is, she said that she is happy with the man she chose. “When I go out with someone, it’s because I accept him as he is,” concluded Núñez.

Aleida Núñez does not look at “toxic or louts”

After breaking up with the billionaire Texan businessman, Bubba Saulsbury, Aleida has not taken her sights off finding love, for which she recently pointed out that “life goes on”.

Núñez made reference to the fact that she likes her boyfriends to treat her as a “queen”, a characteristic fulfilled by the person with whom she was seen romantically on March 20 at a concert in Mexico City.

After confirming their relationship, the actress also declared that she knows how to choose well between her suitors, since she does not accept “toxic or louts”.

“Yes, I’m dating someone and he treats me the way I like them to do it, that’s why I’m with him, that’s why and much more, they already know that I’m not with toxins or jerks,” he told ‘Chisme no like’.