Aleida Núñez is captured with a new love, millionaire?

The beautiful actress, Aleida Núñez, who on more than one occasion has left gawked to followers and fans for their statuesque figure and with whom many of them dream, is now in a new stage of his life, because apparently he has found the men that makes her happy, but since nothing is ever perfect, it seems that the aforementioned has a great defect.

It turns out that the 41-year-old model was captured by the TV Notes magazine in full romance with a 39-year-old man, something that attracts attention, as it apparently indicates that the beautiful actress has begun to overcome her ex-partner .

Previously, in February it was learned that Aleida Núñez had ended her dating relationship with a Texas millionaire named Bubba Saulsbury, ten years older than her, and a few weeks later the actress was seen with this new man in the Vive Latino festival at Foro Sol, CDMX. According to TV Notas, Aleida tried not to be seen on that occasion.

Aleida Núñez could let go of love to have a better standard of living. Photo: Facebook.

A friend of Aleida Núñez revealed to TV Notas that the man with whom she was seen at Vive Latino, his name is David González, he is 39 years old, and works as a cameraman, and has been dating him for two months, although he left It is clear that Aleida does not believe that she has a formal relationship with him, because due to his job as a cameraman, she would not be able to give him the standard of living to which she is accustomed.

According to this friend, Aleida and David have known each other since last year, when mutual friends introduced them and the chemistry between them was immediate, so much so that David began to ask her out; however, Aleida avoided him because she was still Bubba Saulsbury’s girlfriend at the time and she didn’t want a scandal to break out.

So, until Aleida announced her breakup with the millionaire, it was that she decided to go out with the cameraman, a man that Aleida loves, because he is very attractive, tall as she likes them, and she even likes that he is younger. that she said. Despite all this positive that David has, the but that Aleida gives him is his purchasing power.

“That he is a cameraman and, although he does not live badly, he does not earn enough to pay for the places Aleida likes to go… In fact, one day he told me that he invited her to have breakfast at a very modest cafeteria in the Reforma Iztaccíhuatl neighborhood in Iztacalco, here in CDMX”, said the friend.

Although Aleida accepted this humble invitation, she only did it because she likes the man very much and it was rude not to go, although she did not like the place at all because she is very afraid of entering dangerous areas, she said. For now, Aleida is enjoying the moment, and she, laughing, confessed that they are just loving friends, the friend said.

“From what she has commented, they are not boyfriends; In addition, they have very little and it would be very quick to put a name to their relationship; However, despite the fact that she likes him a lot and they have a good time, the truth is that she is embarrassed to say that she is going out with him and she is not sure about starting a relationship with someone who could not give her the standard of living that she is used to, and what a pity, because he looks totally in love with Aleida, ”he shared.

Also, Aleida She doesn’t dare to formalize because the press will immediately start looking for her and she doesn’t want that, but she knows that by showing herself publicly, many will recognize her and she won’t be able to hide it for long.

“It is that Aleida believes that everyone turns to see her and in every place she goes, she thinks that people will recognize her and they will take photos of her. That day, David invited her to the concert and she didn’t want to go because she knew there would be a lot of people, but in the end, David convinced her”.

According to the friendAleida That night she was really having a great time with her friends, but she was the one who asked her to leave, since she felt uncomfortable, so she Davidhe had no choice but to retire and, although now he does it because he is in love, it will not always be so that he fulfills his whims, so Aleida She must change her tactics and stop being paranoid that everyone is watching her, she asserted.

Regarding whether she will deny their relationship, now that the photos have been made public, the friend said:

“No, since there are the kisses and that cannot be denied, but he will not be very happy if it is known; However, there is nothing wrong with her, and neither is she going out with boys, since she is a single woman who is looking for love.”

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