Aleida Núñez, the singer shows off more than her leggings to the camera

Wearing more than her flashy leggings!, the beautiful Mexican actress Aleida Núñez accelerated hearts in social networks with a sports outfit with which her pants definitely took second place.

And it is that the beautiful Aleida Nunez He decided to pose for the camera lens from behind, leaning the upper part of his body against the wall and highlighting his most prominent attribute.

The influencer also used a very striking outfit, made up of tight leggings in a very strong green color and a small white top, Núñez’s waist and huge curves were visible to everyone in the foreground.

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Aleida Núñez did not turn towards the camera and posed with her hair quite relaxed and short, but playing with it a little, something that delighted her followers; Her plain bottom gave it the perfect touch to show off her figure.

Apparently this photograph is part of the photo sessions that this beautiful woman used to do to model the garments of her own clothing line for women designed to give her curves a better shape.

Juan Ferrera’s ex decided to launch the clothing brand thinking of her followers, but men also had their advantages, being able to observe the garments in the enormous figure of Aleida Núñez who was her own model.

But the business world is only one of the many aspects that this beautiful woman manages, since she is also a consolidated actress, singer and television presenter; She even ventured into dancing as a participant in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy.

Núñez began her artistic career when she was very young, in the world of soap operas, many will remember her as “the husband remover”, in the soap opera La fea Más Bella; however, there are many more novels in her career.

Currently, Aleida Nunez She is more than happy to be part of Televisa’s soap operas, now with her participation as Selena, in the melodrama Corazón Guerrero, recordings that she constantly shares on her social networks.

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