Aleida Núñez with a hat in the sexy style of Ninel Conde

With a photograph shared by the beautiful model, actress and singer Aleida Núñez, she would cause her followers to inadvertently remind them of the fashion style she usually uses Ninel Count in his presentations, especially because he wore a ranchero hat.

Two important Mexicans in the world of television and music, Aleida Nunez and Ninel Conde, known for their perfect silhouettes and because in their social networks they usually appear always wearing the best of their closets.

The outfit that the actress from the telenovela “Corazón Guerrero” was wearing, originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, was made up of various garments, the first one that attracted the most attention was a pink bodysuit with bright stones with which he evidently highlighted his charms.

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On top of this flirtatious piece she wears a kind of top with long sleeves, which seems more like a tight jacket that reaches the height of her ribs and that some black strips with diamonds emerge from it, to complete her outfit she wears a rancher hat black and a pair of high boots also in shades of pink.

See you tonight at the Amozoc village theater, Puebla,” Aleida Núñez commented.

In addition to being a renowned actress in Mexican melodramas, she is also a singer, model and businesswoman, as cumbia performerhas had several presentations throughout the year and the image we see is part of his show.

In the image you can see her very concentrated with the microphone, interpreting some of the singles that appear in her repertoire, among which the following stand out:

  • leave now
  • My Cucu
  • the tickle
  • Daddy
  • love of three

Something that compares the two beautiful television personalities is that both Aleida Nunez Like Ninel Conde, they are also singers and businesswomen, as well as actresses.

As for the ex-partner of José Manuel Figueroa, son of Joan Sebastian, with whom he performs the song “Callados”, he is usually accompanied by hats in several of his presentations and shows, since he also has songs in his repertoire that deserve this accessory.

This flirtatious coincidence usually happens with other celebrities who usually wear outfits that, although they are not at all similar, coincide with the use of certain accessories such as the hat and the body, the same thing happens with the beautiful Maribel Guardia, who is another clear example of the use of this type of parts.

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