Alejandra Azcárate spoke about the cellars of hell

Alejandra Azcarate He lasted a year suffering in silence due to the alleged accusations that fell to his partner, Miguel Jaramillo, who was involved in the case of a plane with cocaine that was transported to San Andrés and in which he allegedly appeared as a representative. The shipment had more than 446 kilos of this substance.

A year after this scandalous episode, Alejandra Azcárate talked about it again and told some things that she experienced because of this uncomfortable situation. In an interview with ‘Los Informantes’, from Caracol TV, the comedian opened her heart and recounted the hard times he went through these accusations.

“My life completely fell apart, it was an absolute collapse in 24 hours. I saw very clearly how 20 years of construction of my work collapsed”, commented the one who is also a presenter.

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In addition, he recalled his famous phrase that went viral to explain what he experienced because of this situation: “I knew the very basements of hell, geographically I know that place and it is not hot as they think, it is icy, one feels the cold of the night, but one is already recovering and the devil has also become my good friend, the enemies have to be close”.

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The couple said that as a result of this situation their marriage has been affected, so they have decided to separate for a while and although they have had conversations to reconcile, the pain in both is still present and it will take a long time to forget this bitter episode.

Azcárate has affirmed that due to this situation her public career collapsed, of the nine brands that had her as an image, only two stayed with her and seven canceled their contracts. A situation that completely dislocated her and she saw how her efforts collapsed.