Alejandra Baigorria attacks ‘Esto Es Guerra’ 2023: “I don’t like this format” | farandula-celebs-peru-eeg | SHOWS

the reality girl Alejandra Baigorria He was dissatisfied with the new format of the 2023 season of “Esto Es Guerra”.

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It is worth mentioning that the program, hosted by Johanna San Miguel and Renzo Schuller, will have a new dynamic between two sides made up of ‘historical’ members and participants who passed the 2022 casting.

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Through her Instagram account, the businesswoman answered questions from her followers. A user questioned what he thought about the fact that her partner, Said Palao, has not been summoned this year in the return of the reality program.

“For me EEG is not EEG if it is not ‘Combatientes VS. Warriors’. Those matchups and jersey love will never be equaled. I personally don’t like this format. Fighter forever!” Baigorria wrote.

Josimar and Yahaira Plasencia appeared at the “opening” of This Is War Season 2023

The first to set foot on the EEG track were the fashionable salsa singers. In the midst of fireworks, Josimar appeared, who opened the 2023 season with the theme of him El Aventurero and presented his theme La Llamada worldwide. Then Yahaira Plasencia followed, who dazzled with her impressive pelvic movements and all the sensuality that she usually splurges on every stage she steps on.

As usual, the production of EEG, spared no expense and effort to make a large display of led screens, lights and structures for the official presentation of the competitors in the style of the famous international programs.