Alejandra Espinoza is the protagonist of ‘Corazón Guerrero’ and also a marathon runner!

A Alexandra Espinoza He got his first leading role in a Mexican telenovela at the age of 34; Before her, her face was already known for being more of a host than an actress, and for being the first woman to become a Our Latin Beauty. Since the producer Salvador Mejia he saw her acting in a movie he liked to be the main character of his new telenovela, Warrior heart; she accepted and immediately packed her bags to move from Miami to Mexico City along with her husband and son.

His talent and sympathy have been his best letter of introduction on television in our country, and he has already managed to put viewers in his pocket. She is authentic, beautiful and has a mischievous smile, all the qualities for a protagonist of the Factory of Dreams.

You have a great passion for races and marathons, how does that taste arise? Since I was very little I have exercised and I took a lot of passion from racing; I ran in elementary school, in high school too, then I retired for a while, and three years ago I took it up again. For my birthday I gave myself a marathon; I had always wanted to do it, but nobody had ever wanted to accompany me and I decided to do it alone. My first marathon was in Los Angeles, and the second in San Francisco; It was 26 miles (42 km), and since I arrived in Mexico City, in January of this year, I have continued with my exercise routine, but my performance is not the same, because I live in Miami at sea level, although little by little I have been adapting.

Why did you quit racing? When one enters through the door of boyfriends, you live the time of other tastes, you focus on other things, and I did not give priority to my taste for careers; I stopped doing it for about 10 years, and three years ago I took it up again, but seriously, I’m the type of person that when I set my mind to something, I focus and do my best until I achieve my goals.

In these three years that you resumed the activity, how much have you run? I have run two marathons, a half marathon and, although I don’t always have the opportunity to go running here in Mexico City because I record every day, I usually do about 13 kilometers a day, alone.

What does the exercise of running give you that perhaps another discipline does not? The family on my dad’s side has always suffered from cardiovascular problems, that’s not the main reason why I started running, but my dad always mentions that he’s very happy that I do this type of exercise because it helps my health ; he is a doctor and has suffered two heart attacks and open heart surgery, and running helps you mainly in that sense, to strengthen the cardiovascular system. And beyond the physical, this discipline makes me feel very good, it gives me a lot of energy. Many people say that I run too much, but I feel incomplete if I don’t; If I don’t run at least two kilometers in the morning, I feel like I didn’t start the day right.

That is to say that running fills you emotionally… Totally. Running is like going somewhere else and distracting myself. I like to see, enjoy the landscape and be alone; I grab my headphones, put on the music I like the most and go for a run.

How is your routine? I always do it in the morning, I get up around 4:30 in the morning every day, and at 5:00 am I’m already in the gym; Whenever I have the chance to go outside for a run, I do it, and it’s always between 5:30 am and 6:00 am to watch the sunrise, which I love, and it’s one of my favorite things. The best thing is that my husband and my son have been understanding my exercise over time. At first they thought it was an obsession I had with running, but now they understood me and are aware that it is something I enjoy, and they know that, even if we are traveling, I take my tennis shoes and running clothes. There is nothing more beautiful, I promise, than running in a city where you don’t live and seeing everything completely empty at dawn; that’s when you really appreciate everything.