Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía: the singer makes confessions about her daughter’s pregnancy | Famous

Alejandra Guzman made some confessions about what, according to her, she experienced during her pregnancy his daughter Frida Sofiawho came into the world on March 13, 1992.

Alejandra Guzmán talks about how her pregnancy with Frida Sofía was

In a new interview for ‘Ventaneando’, presented this Monday, July 4, the rocker confessed that she had the option of not bringing her only daughter into the world. However, the artist assured that she defended her motherhood and the life of her daughter.

“To me I loved it“, she acknowledged about having been pregnant, “it was something that pulled me in not losing my head, nor my being”.

“Because I was in the most important moment of my career, and I could have not had it“, he confessed.

“I said, ‘I want to have her,’ and I didn’t care hat what they saidwho liked it and who didn’t,” he shared.

Alejandra Guzmán assures that there are people who “use” Frida Sofía

In the talk, the 54-year-old singer answered if she still has the illusion that the relationship with her daughter will be restored.

“You have to let everyone touch their bottom,” he said, “you have to let everyone learn, let everyone choose what they want in life“.

“Yes, I am a mother who is hurt by what happens, of course I am sensitive! But I know that one day he will returnI know that one day he will open his eyes and he will realize it because one day I also claimed things from my mother, “he explained.

assured that she “He will always have an open heart” for her daughter: “I know that there is a thread that is the umbilical cord and that will never stop being united”.

He emphasized that he knows “who” his daughter is and “that one day he will realize” what has happened.

“There are many people who do not see that, who uses itwho take things out of him, in his own way, but one day he’ll wake up.”

In June of last year he reported him to the authorities for alleged sexual abuse.