Alejandra Guzmán reacted furiously after a fan touched her improperly

Faced with the awkward moment, Alejandra Guzmán stopped singing and angrily threw a tambourine at the fanatic. This provoked various reactions on social networks.

He got a tremendous scare singer Alejandra Guzman at a recent concert after a female fan came onstage and improperly touched her.

The unpleasant moment was recorded in a video that a user uploaded to social networks and where it has quickly gone viral.

Everything happened while the Mexican singer performed the song “Diablo” and held a tambourine in her hands. At that moment she is interrupted by a fan who hugs her, but then tries to kiss her and touches her breast. This caused surprise and anger in the artist, who quickly noted it.

In a few seconds, the security team manages to get the fan away from the singer and take her to her place. However, Guzmán stops singing and angrily goes to her assistant to throw the tambourine at her.

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They criticize Alejandra Guzmán for her reaction after a fan hugged her in concert. Video: illustrative and non-commercial image/

This situation provoked various reactions on social networks. Some according to the way the famous acted and others condemning the attitude she took.

“A singer can have the best voice and the most beautiful songs, but without an audience he would be nobody”, “It happened, what a rudeness, poor fan”, “And he still throws the tambourine at him”, “The fan lost his hand , perhaps it was unconscious”, “He was not angry because of the hug, but because he grabbed her breast”, “He was not scared, he rejected her, it is evident”, said one of the many comments on the publication made on TikTok.

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The artist threw the tambourine at a fan who touched her improperly. Video: illustrative and non-commercial image/