Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal’s health; she has influenza – Diario La Página

After making sure that Silvia Pinal had been infected with Covid-19 for the second time, it was her daughter, Alejandra Guzmán, who broke the silence and spoke about the health of the first actress.

Although a few days ago the assistant to the actress known as ‘The last Diva of Mexican cinema’, Efigenia Ramos, clarified that the interpreter had only been affected by the cold, Alejandra clarified these rumors and although she denied that her mother has Covid, she revealed that, unfortunately, he does present a picture of influenza.

Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal’s health;  she has influenza – Diario La Página

In an interview she gave to the Hoy Día program, the rocker revealed that the Pinal matriarch has been in bed for a few days recovering from the viral infection.

“He has the flu. We have already verified that she has influenza, but she is fine, “said the singer at the gates of the famous mother’s house.

Alejandra explained that her mother is stable, she also denied that the actress was alone and isolated at Christmas, as was speculated: “She has been in bed, but we have already spent two Christmases like this,” she explained.

Alejandra Guzmán makes a strong revelation about the health of her mother Silvia Pinal |  She and Online Mexican Farandula

According to Efigenia Ramos, the interpreter’s personal assistant, the legendary actress “is fine.”

“Not at all, Mrs. Silvia Pinal does not have Covid, but not at all, that is a lie, she just has a little cough, but look at how the weather has been, it has been very cold, but she is fine, she does not have Covid” , pointed to the same show.

A year ago, Silvia Pinal was hospitalized in an emergency after testing positive for Covid-19, which caused a cardiac arrhythmia and a drop in her blood pressure, something that of course set off alarm bells among her fans and friends in the media.