Alejandra Jaramillo and Efraín Ruales, a love story that continues to “hurt” two years after the actor’s death | People | Entertainment

Two years ago Alejandra Jaramillo decided to close his heart before the tragic departure of Efrain Ruals, with whom they had engagement plans. The TV presenter constantly reminds him in her daily life of her and today, on the anniversary of her death, there are several dedications on social networks, collecting special moments of the couple in memory of her love story.

“January you still hurt. Just like that fateful day two years ago.”, recounted an account of fans of the esmeraldeña on TikTok, along with a video with testimonials and photographs of the friends and colleagues of the television actor. Saying post, includes memories of his program mates, who, like Alexandra felt the absence of the man from Guayaquil in In contact.

Last year, Alexandra he paid tribute to him in an emotional Instagram video that has more than 600,000 “likes.” “365 days not thinking that you left; but that you had a new beginning” was what she expressed. The Ecuadorian recalled that it was in the morning when the event occurred, “a few minutes had passed since I had arrived from training, on a routine day, sitting watching my son eat breakfast and while I was answering work messages the doorbell rang from my house that brought me the worst news.”

Two years without Efraín Ruales; ‘In Contact’ prepares a special program in his memory

Alexandra She said that she grabbed the keys to her car and left in dismay, not understanding what was happening, “because we had said goodbye a moment before you got in your car. In the midst of my confusion and despair, she begged that what they had told me was a lie… since then they have been 365 learning”.

Since his death, the mother of ‘Sebas’, has not given himself a chance in love again. “Don’t want to get me a boyfriend yet, that just flows and comes,” she told his followers. “The important thing about being single is not getting a boyfriend or who your new partner is going to be, but what you do with yourself (or yourself) in that time that you are alone, who are you becoming, what are you learning, What footprints are you leaving, that is the most important thing”added the former Ecuavisa presenter.

The panelist of sit down who cana, is found today in another viral video, in which only the two star, sharing moments as a couple. “I would like you to come visit us. Two years and it still hurts like that January 27, 2021. Dear #EfrainRuales, you are unforgettable”, says the account @ale_jaramillo5. Alexandra It has not yet been pronounced on any of its social networks. (AND)