Alejandro Fernández becomes a grandfather again

One month to fulfill 51 years, the mexican singer Alexander Fernandez became Grandpa for the second time. After Cayetana, Mia has just been born, the firstborn of Alex Fernandez and his wife Alexia Hernandez.

the little one was born on March 17 in Guadalajarahomeland of his grandfather Alejandro and his great-grandfather Vicente Fernández.

I am officially the happiest man in the universe.! Thank you love for the best gift”, wrote Álex, who is also a singer and the eldest son of Alejandro Fernández.

Álex, 28, always said that he wanted to be a young father, as his father did, the ‘Potrillo’.

I had the experience of living it with my dad, who had me very youngand we have had a very good relationship, very beautiful, between father and son, but also as friends, which is something that I would also like with my children,” he told the El Gordo y la Flaca program.

In addition to Álex, Alejandro Fernández is the father of the twins América and Camila (24), Emiliano (22) and Valentina (20). Of all of them, Camila and Alex they are the new ‘foals’ of regional Mexican music.