Alejandro Riaño says why he made the decision

Although he is already working as a director for a few yearshis new step will be to be fully involved in the creative and directing part of films, series and more audiovisual projects, like the ones he did at the time of the social protests and which were very famous in the country.

The end of ‘Juanpis González’ will not be in 2023 because he has many tours, but it will mark the end of this character that many hate and love. “In Colombia we are already finishing it (the tour) with the cities that we have left. In 2023 we have it in the United States, Central America, Europe and hopefully Australia. As soon as I finish this last one, on the other side of the world, I finish the character, ”he said in HSB.

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Although he assures that this may be good news for those who are not happy with the existence of a character like ‘Juanpis’, He says that he does not rule out doing ‘shows’ every time the country is in elections.

“We can be appearing every four years, at least with a presidential debate. It seems important to me that people with a certain look of humor decide who to vote for, ”she assured.

“There are about four films coming, two that I am going to direct, two that I am going to act. Another fifth is like my first film because I’m going to write and direct it”, assured the comedian who has a new partner.

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Although he did not give further details of what these audiovisual productions will deal with, he mentioned that his first film “has nothing to do with comedy, but with a difficult subject that has touched us, that happens in the world and that I want to make visible, denounce, to see the problem that many keep silent about and that has to lots of people connected I want to bring this issue to light through cinema.”

The reason why he won’t do ‘Juanpis González’ anymore is because he wants to dedicate himself to directing and post-production with the company he has set up with his sister and has found pleasure in other roles.

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I’m a little tired of being on screens and I’m giving the character a nice death to start working from behind, which is what I really like,” he said.