Alejandro Speitzer boasts his courtship with Shannon de Lima

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- After several shows of affection in public, what was an open secret ended up being confirmed, the actor Alexander Speitzer made his courtship with the model official Shannon from Lima.

And it is that after they were very romantic in public during a gala, the followers of both deduced that they both had an affair, which ended up being confirmed by the Mexican actor.

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“I’m happy,” Speitzer briefly assured Univision’s “El gordo y la flaca” program.

“I am really enjoying this stage in general in my life. You already know that I never tell you anything personal, but in that sense everything is very good, “she said.

“When you want something you have to know how to take care of it and for me one way to take care of my personal life is not giving more information than necessary,” added Speitzer.

The actor, who is one of those who steals the most sighs among his fans every time he appears on screen, did not offer many details of his relationship with the model, but indicated that he was very pleased that the public liked the couple.

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The protagonist of “Dark desire” and the model have participated in different public events, where they have been asked a lot by journalists and fans about their relationship.

After several rumors, the open secret was confirmed after the Mexican and the Venezuelan published black and white photos of a video call where kisses were sent and the model assured that she was counting the days to see it.

The photo of the video call between Alejandro Speitzer and Shannon de Lima.