Alessandra Rosaldo takes a photo with the Backstreet Boys

A pleasant surprise is always welcome and when good fortune knocks on our door, we are not going to say no; in fact, it’s great when this happens, because it’s those little doses of good times that bring us happiness and a smile on the face and that make us appreciate things and the small details in life more.

Well stop alessandra rosaldoThis is how the situation is at the moment and all by chance that turned out to be unexpectedly incredible. It turns out that she went on a trip to the United States, for work reasons of her husband Eugenio Derbez and she received an extra gift when she ran into some of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

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It was kind of like it just happened and that’s where she got in fan mode, He asked them for a photograph and then shared this joy on networks, where he undoubtedly generated envy, but without bad intentions of course, of his followers.

Alessandra Rosaldo with the Backstreet Boys

According to what she herself recounts in her publication, she was at the film festival in Sundancein Park City, United States, with her husband Eugenio Debez and her young daughter, when she bumped into the Backstreet Boys at the airport and asked for a photograph.

In the image a very excited and smiling Alessandra appears, next to two of the five members of the bandKevin and AJ, who pose next to her casually and apparently very accessible with a fan, no matter if that fan is an important figure in the Latin music scene.

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“And then one day you meet the @backstreetboys at the airport and you make an inhuman effort so that neither they nor your husband realize that you are sweating and about to have a heart attack… but the badges and the smile give you away. Thanks for taking my photo love @ederbez. I was literally sweating,” she wrote on her post.

Her friends congratulate her, as do her fans and tell her that they are very happy for her but they also put themselves in her place, empathizing with her. your nerves and excitement which he must have felt, thinking that if it happened to them, that would have made them very nervous but delighted as well.

Sundance Film Festival

Days before, the Mexican singer and actress shared some photographs of this trip with her followers on social networks, but especially, congratulating her husband Eugenio Derbez for all the success he is having with his work, putting the mexican talent.

“I couldn’t be happier and prouder to return to this wonderful festival by your hand. 16 years ago I saw you succeed with “La Misma Luna” and “Padre Nuestro”, which by the way, won the festival. Last year, “Coda” made history breaking all records and this year you come back presenting “Radical” @radicalthemovie, a film that I’m sure will also make history and take you even further. Congratulations my love @ederbez I am your forever fan ”, she shared.

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