Alessandra Sublet separated from Clément Miserez: the host confides in the joint custody of their children

Asked by the Journal du Dimanche, Alessandra Sublet returned to her life as a mother and spoke of the joint custody that she organized with her ex-companion, Clément Miserez.

Alessandra Sublet will be back at the helm of Mask Singer from April 1. On this occasion, the host of TF1 gave an interview to the Sunday newspaper this March 27, in which she confided in her private life. She thus returned to her move, she who now lives in the South, without her two children Charlie and Alphonse. Accused of having abandoned her toddlersthe host would like to remind you that she did not need others to live her life: “Fortunately, I can choose my life, without worrying about the judgment of others. They will not be unhappy, nor me. However, it is clear that at the dawn of 2022, when a woman says ‘I am going to see my children every other week and I leave to live elsewhere’, other women who want to be feminists believe that she abandons them”she added.

Especially that between her and her former companionrelations are always very cordial : “We are lucky, my ex-husband and I, to get along very well. They have kept their lives in Paris, it is the parents who tour every other week. And I can guarantee you that they are happy. We are a family separated but surely healthier than many others who stay together”, made a point of explaining the presenter of It’s Canteloup. A way also to silence the critics.

Alessandra Sublet Clément Miserez always as accomplices

Between Alessandra Sublet and Clément Miserez, parental life is therefore going for the best. They do not hesitate to tease each other, especially on Instagram. Indeed, the host had not hesitated to put a hilarious comment under a photo of her ex-husband: “Hello ladies! He has 2 adooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooods and two very well-behaved and discreet little dogs and a lovely ex-wife.” Sweet words for an ex-companion attentive to the needs of his children.


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