Alessia Rovegno and Hugo García would have marriage plans, according to the warrior’s mother RMMN slipped | PEOPLE

The relationship between the brand new Miss Universe 2022, Alessia Rovegno and the member of ‘This is war’, Hugo García, would be smooth sailing. Moreover, the marriage bells could soon ring for the couple, as Fabiola Silva, the warrior’s progenitor, hinted at it.

His statements were made during the Miss Peru Universe 2022 contest that was held on the set of “This is war”, where Alessia Rovegno was declared the winner. The reporter from ‘América Espectaculos’ asked him about a possible wedding and Silva did not rule it out.

(?Marriage?) There may be surprises, yes. I would like to, I see them very well understood. They are well attached. She is a pretty girl, very good, she gets along well with the whole family, with my granddaughters, with my other children. so we are happy”, Fabiola Garcia said.

In addition, the mother of Hugo García took advantage of the cameras of “America Shows” to praise the young woman, who assured that she gets along very well with her entire family.

Happy for Alessia, happy for Hugo because they are well in love. I love Alessia, I’m very happy. (Happy with the relationship?) Yes, very happy. She is a charming, noble, simple girl, we love her, we are happy with her”, he counted.

(Alessia’s parents) I just met them, they’re very nice. We have talked, more with the mother, but very pretty, I met the sisters. We are little by little getting to know each other so that the boys are advancing. Everything is beautiful, how is the relationship?”, he added.



Rebeca Escribans defends Alessia after winning

Rebeca Escribans defends Alessia after winning
Rebeca Escribans defends Alessia after winning