Alex Fernández is crazy about his daughter Mia, his wife Alexia tells us

Last March 17, Alex Fernandez and his wife, Alexia Hernandez, They debuted as parents. The little girl born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, bears the name of Mía, she weighed 3,015 kilograms and measured 48 centimeters. Since before her marriage, El Potrillo’s son had confessed to TVyNovelas that he wanted to get married and immediately start a family, and her dream came true. Prowling around Perla Tapatia, our reporter came across Alexia, and we were amazed at how quickly she has recovered her body. Here we show you the photographs and the statements that she gave us.

Alexia, have you already dropped the twenty that you and Alex Fernández have become parents? The truth is, no. Every day I see my daughter and I ask myself: “Is this little thing mine?”, Because I can’t believe that she grew inside me and now she is with us; she makes us very happy.

What did you feel when you held Mia for the first time? Love, emotion, tenderness, I did not believe it! I cried when I saw her. It was a revolution of emotions!

Music has always played a very important role in the Fernández family… Yes! It’s amazing that when Alex picks her up and starts singing to her, she dances. She did that throughout her pregnancy, and we do believe that Mia, our daughter, knows that music is important to the family. She always smiles when her dad sings to her.

What are your weaknesses as a mom? The unveiled. I think that is what has cost me the most. But at the same time, when for some reason she is crying, I stay with her to calm her down and pamper her until she calms down and falls asleep. I think everything has been easy.

How has your recovery been? After the delivery I walked out, and that was a cesarean section. I did feel pain! But after 30 days I was already exercising to regain my weight.

Did you gain a lot of weight? I don’t know if it’s much, but I gained 20 kilos, and with exercise and a balanced diet I managed to lose 12. In other words, I still have eight kilos to go to get back to my weight.

How is Alex as a dad? He is a super dad! All day he wants to carry Mia, and no one lends her! If someone is carrying her he always says: “Give me my baby!”, and sings to her, carries her and walks everywhere with her. I have to remind her that I am also her mother (laughs). Alex is crazy about her!

What has been changing in you now that you are a mother? Mainly patience.

What is your biggest fear as a mom? Not educating my children properly. I am very afraid that my children will become rude people. Both Alex and I want to promote values ​​such as respect, and for the family to be the center of this.

How many children do you want to have? I three, maximum. If it were up to Alex there would be five!

Do you think that with everything that is happening in the world, it is difficult to be parents nowadays? I think that the pillar is education to raise conscious children who want to be good people and help others. My husband and I, although our daughter is still very young, we try every day to make her happy, and at her time, to promote the values ​​that she told you about.