Alex Rodríguez walks with a new girlfriend aboard the car he gave to Jennifer López

Alex Rodríguez has received criticism in recent hours for the leaking of images that show him walking with his new girlfriend, Kathryne Padgett, behind the wheel of a luxurious red Porsche that he previously gave Jennifer López for her 50th birthday.

The car in question is valued at $140,000 and was one of the gifts that “The Bronx Diva” returned to A-Rod after ending the engagement.

Although he has not confirmed the relationship with the media, it is clear that the now TV analyst is starting a relationship with the famous 25-year-old influencer. In fact, in recent days, the couple was seen at an NBA game for the Minnesota Timberwolves, a team owned by the former New York Yankees star player.

For her part, JLo looks very much in love with Ben Affleck and the latest reports confirmed that they got engaged and are already planning what will surely be the wedding of the year in Hollywood, as they are two great entertainment figures who met after 17 years to revive the flame of love and passion that was always alive between them.