Alex Rodríguez wished Jennifer Lopez and her children “the best” after her wedding to Ben Affleck | Famous

Jennifer Lopez has been married 4 times, but has been engaged more. One of them was in 2019, when she received a ring from former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, however, the couple never made it to the altar.

In this regard, A-Rod was honest for the first time.

Alex Rodriguez spoke for the first time about the marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The presenter’s question was:

“Honestly, does it bother you that just days after they broke up, she went back to see Ben Affleck and ended up marrying him and not you?”

To which Alex Rodriguez replied:

“First of all, I want to say that I am glad to know that I will never be a presidential candidate, because you would crush me (with your questions). With Jennifer, look, it was a good experience. I wish her and her children, who are intelligent, beautiful and wonderful… I wish them the best. That is all”.

Previously and completely unrelated to JLo, A-Rod was questioned if he considers himself “good husband material.” In this regard, he began by explaining:

“I think when you look at my life, I was 15 years old when Sports Illustrated named me one of the best players in the country, back then, it was Alex Rodriguez, and then somewhere along the way at 24 years old I got a 250 contract. million dollars and I lost my way a little bit, I became A-Rod, so in my twenties, thirties, maybe I wasn’t at my best (moment).

“I think I will be a great partner or husband or father after my suspension, thanks to the lessons I learned from my biggest mistakes.”

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were engaged before her relationship with Ben Affleck

It must be remembered that the romance between JLo and the athlete was born in 2017. In April of that year, just a couple of months after the first rumors of the couple emerged, the singer shared photos with him on her Instagram account. Instagram.

The Met Gala that year, moreover, was the perfect setting for their first official appearance as a couple.

In April 2019, the couple got engaged on a trip to the Bahamas that was widely documented on each other’s social media.

However, his plans to reach the altar were frustrated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the fact that throughout 2020, both Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod assured that they still had plans to marry, everything changed by April 2021, when they publicly announced their separation.

In June 2021, ‘La Diva del Bronx’ made her relationship with Ben Affleck public and in the summer of 2022, she married him twice.