Álex Vizuete denies being happy about the airing of ‘De boca en boca’ and says that his tweet was “dedicated to those who need it” | People | Entertainment

Last Thursday, December 1, the airing of the program was learned From mouth to mouth, after seven years of transmission by the signal of TC Television. Since then, some rumors have been woven regarding his departure, as well as comments for and against.

‘De Boca en boca’ panelists refuse to talk about the cancellation of the program

After the announcement, the actor Alex Vizuete shared a tweet, which many related to the end of the program. “He who does bad things is doing badly (I hope this message is passed on to his friends and goes from tweet to tweet and by word of mouth)”, said in the post Posted the same Thursday. This comment was taken as a mockery by the entertainment media, including Mauricio Altamirano, known as El Cuy.

The actor was approached by Leonardo Quezadaof Showbiz Hackers, who asked him if that tweet was for the program that was led by Silvana Torres. Vizuete ruled out that the message was dedicated to a particular program and that it is rather a general teaching. “Dedicated to those who need it”, said the young man.

He also denied any personal joy for the airing of the space From mouth to mouth. “I must confess that I was the last to find out, these are things that happen.”

Quezada insisted on his question, and said if perhaps it was due to an interview that Torres never did with Vizuete during some international awards, where he ignored him. “That has already happened, life is for living it, work is for working it”, said.

In the set of Show business hackers the panelists doubted Vizuete’s version. “That clear tweet that was dedicated to Silvana Torres. Mr. Álex Vizuete, including many of those who are here, were part of the blacklist of that program, and due to personal problems ”, express Santiago Castro.

While, Quintero Poncho He told her not to be a hypocrite. (AND)