Alexander Klaws is absent from the Bad Segeberg premiere

He actually wanted to get in the saddle in Bad Segeberg on Saturday. But Corona puts a spanner in the works for Winnetou. The disappointment is great.

the essentials in brief

  • Now it is certain: Winnetou actor Alexander Klaws cannot appear at the Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg for the premiere of “Der Ölprinz” because of his corona disease this Saturday.

“We are all incredibly sad and disappointed that Alex cannot be there,” said managing director Ute Thienel. Sascha Hödl, who embodies the chief at the dress rehearsal on Friday and at the premiere and the performance on Sunday, will step in for Klaws. He has been rehearsing the role for five days.

According to the announcement, Klaws said he was stunned that he couldn’t be there at the start. “I was really looking forward to this evening.” Hödl is a great Winnetou as a backup, said managing director Thienel. Hödl’s original roles as Nijora warrior Ka Maku and oilfield owner Jackson are tentatively split between Fabian Monasterios and stuntmen Felix Adams and Konstantin Fünck.

Klaws is expected to return to the open-air theater on Kalkberg next Thursday, it said. Guest stars this season are Sascha Hehn as Oil Prince Grinley and Katy Karrenbauer as trek leader Rosalie Ebersbach.

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