Alexandra Rosenfeld: why was she “traumatized” by her election as Miss France

Alexandra Rosenfeld was a guest on the show We are live this Saturday, April 23. Hugo Clément’s companion returned to her victory in the Miss France election in 2005. A coronation which traumatized her as she confided on the set of France 2.

Time passes so fast. 16 years ago, Alexandra Rosenfeld was sacred Miss France 2006. A coronation which suddenly propelled the current companion of Hugo Clément, now 35 years old, to the fore. Guest on the set ofWe are live this Saturday, April 23, the young woman first returned to the criticisms of which she was the victim in her youth, in particular on her very thin morphology. While Léa Salamé wanted to know if Miss France had been “a revenge” Alexandra Rosenfeld said she was a little uncomfortable with this title. Me, I see myself a bit like the UFO of Miss France. Because here I am 18 years old, I do athletics, I am in tracksuits every night … “, she said.

Student in the second year of BTS Tourism at that time, the young woman was then far from imagining winning the election, when she had been crowned Miss Languedoc a few months earlier. Me, I was just hoping to be in the twelve [finalistes]so as not to return to high school and [qu’on dise] like she made Miss France and she didn’t do anything”, she continued. Called in the 12, Alexandra Rosenfeld then decompressed a little even if the victory still seemed distant to her. “As I’m called first in the twelve, I’m waiting. It was just nice. I didn’t expect to win at all.”Shortly after, she was finally crowned Miss France, and couldn’t hold back her tears.“I do not realize”she confided to Jean-Pierre Foucault.

Alexandra Rosenfeld: “The change was so brutal that I cried”

During the rebroadcast of these images on the set of France 2, Alexandra Rosenfeld was again overcome by emotion. “I’m going to cry again!”she assured, before explaining why she had cried so much that day: “I was very scared, it was really a trauma this election. A beautiful trauma I don’t regret it at all, it was great, but the change was so brutal that I criedAnd I cried for three months!”. The young woman was finally able to dry her tears in time and celebrated her title of Miss Europe three months later in a much more serene way: “I got used to it!“, she concluded.


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