Alexandre Astier announces a shooting date for the second film

The director hopes to deliver a more epic and fantastical blockbuster. Filming scheduled for spring 2023.

Finally fresh news for the continuation of the cinematographic saga Kaamelott! Eight months after the success of the first part (2.6 million admissions), Alexandre Astier has just announced on the show As an aside on Canal + a shooting date for the second opus of the trilogy.

“He’s at the Kill Bill, a little, you see? It’s two times two hours, separated by four/five months in output. So already for me it’s a four-hour film shoot. It’s a little different. I would like to shoot next spring. In the spring of 2023, if I get there.”

More heroic fantasy

Alexandre Astier had declared last February at the microphone of Mister Culture that “the writing is on the way” and that he “will try to do even bigger”. On the set of Day-to-daylast August, Astier had been just as mysterious: “I will go where I can go, that is to say by surprising.”

Alexandre Astier had told BFMTV at the time of the exit want to carry out a second shutter more heroic fantasy than the first: “It should, yes. In any case, that’s the point of the game of the trilogy – to evolve the saga into something more and more powerful, more and more in visual […] There is a desire for the Arthurian gesture, mine, to continue in an increasingly marked heroic fantasy.”

Written, produced and directed by Alexandre Astier, Kaamelott – First Part takes place ten years after the events narrated in the series. We find there a depressed Arthur, refusing to find his throne now held by Lancelot. Prestigious guest stars like Sting, Clovis Cornillac and Guillaume Gallienne give the answer to the heroes of the series.