Alexandre Barrette sends a very touching letter to Roger Federer

Alexandre Barrette is a big tennis fan, it’s a well-known fact.

Roger Federer’s retirement inspired the comedian, who wrote him a letter.

It reads as follows: ” Hello Roger!

You do not know me.

We were both born in 1981 a month apart.

You in August in Basel, Switzerland.

Me in September in Charlesbourg in Canada.

Despite the few weeks and the 6000 km that separate us, it’s surprising how your journey will dictate many things in mine.

For almost twenty years, no matter what I will have the next day, in the month of January I will set alarms to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to spend the night watching your games in Australia.

The end of August has always been difficult for me. The end of the holidays, the end of the good weather.

Your matches at the US Open will be a balm for me at this time of year.

Your victories and defeats will accompany me throughout my adult journey.


Last night was your last lap at the Laver Cup.

I wake up this morning with a feeling that resembles a loving mourning.

I’m wondering. Why does it hurt me so much?

It’s just a sports retreat.

We do not even know each other.

I believe that your retirement is for me the symbol of the passage of time.

That nothing is forever.

That everything has an end.

A sporting career.

The youth.

The lives of my dogs, the lives of the people I love, mine.

Life is a merry-go-round that didn’t ask for our permission.

Your retirement reminds me that, moreover, this merry-go-round is not eternal.

Tennis, this sport of which I am in love, you practiced it in such a way as to create emotions that usually only art can create.

Thanks for everything Roger. »

You can read the entire missive below.

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