Alexandre Debanne reveals his colossal salary in Video Gag for “working once a month”

In September 1990, Alexandre Debanne was chosen by TF1 to accompany Bernard Montiel at the head of Vidéo gag. On the set of At Jordan’s, the host returned to this experience of which he does not keep only good memories. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Alexandre Debanne mixed about his past in Video gag

For a few years now, Alexandre Debanne has moved away from television sets. Fan of sports and in particular of motor racing, he now devotes himself to this passion and regularly participates in competitions. But before all that, it was on the small screen that he officiated. For example, he presented Multitop on M6. Then, he left for the first channel to take the reins of Video Gag alongside Bernard Montiel. An experience that lasted about six years.

But Alexandre Debanne does not necessarily have very good memories of Video gag. Indeed, this is not really what he hoped for when he came to TF1: ” When you come to do The Treasure Hunt, hanging from the helicopter at the other end of the world and you find yourself disguised as Bozo the clown next to the fashion plate that Bernard Montiel has always been, it’s a big cold split”. However, the motorsport fan is grateful to have been able to make a very popular show.

A huge sum to animate Video Gag

To animate Video Gag, Alexandre Debanne nevertheless touched a small jackpot. Indeed, on the set of Chez Jordan, he mentioned the sum of 100,000 francs per month. This corresponds to approximately 20,000 euros. When you know that there was only one day of shooting, it’s not bad. Still, he didn’t like it. Worse, he lived it very badly. Even specifying that he could not sleep the day before filming because of this discomfort.

Alexandre Debanne ended up throwing in the towel after being the victim of a serious motorcycle accident. And he is happy to have been able to do it: “It’s because of that, or rather thanks to that, that it’s the first thing I did when I got back on my feet. I went to the infernal tower (TF1, editor’s note) to give them back my apron and tell them that I quit“. The host then presented a game show on France 3, entitled The Kadoxbefore returning to his passion for sport.

Alexandre Debanne attacks M6

As you can see, Alexandre Debanne does not have his tongue in his pocket. And a few hours ago, he ranted against M6. Indeed, like Benjamin Castaldi, he was not invited by the channel for the 35 years. A decision he regrets, and which he attributes to the one who has been president of the channel since 2000: “At the time, I was with Laurent Boyer, who had a ponytail and a big mustache, Nagui, Laurent Petitguillaume, there was Roxane. Nicolas de Tavernost’s M6 has no memory. That’s a shame ! “. That is what is said.