Alexis Ayala goes out of his way to talk about Cinthia Aparicio, with whom he will reach the altar for the first time!

PHOTOS: Octavio Lazcano. In soap operas, Alexis Ayala has come to the altar to swear eternal love with the heroine of the story; However, this has not happened in real life, since he has only been married twice: the first time with Karla Álvarez (RIP), and the second time with Fernanda López, both only for civilians. And since the third time is the charm, this time the actor will get married for the first time, and it is his girlfriend, Cinthia Aparicio, the woman who will achieve what seemed impossible.

“In the middle of this year we would do the civil one and by the end, in November, we would do the big wedding, as she tells the nun. I try not to give too many details, she doesn’t want it to count for much, but I am very happy that life today is a ‘yes’, and I hope it continues to be so, that she and I continue to choose each other”.


The reasons that made him think of a marriage again are very clear; This is how the actor defines his fiancée: “She is a jewel, a lady; she is a woman who loves and respects me, because we make our point of view understood. Of course, like every couple we give each other our good grips, we have our discussions and we take the time to understand and respect each other.

Alexis Ayala got engaged to Cinthia Aparicio, his girlfriend 28 years younger

In addition to her external and internal beauty, Cinthia’s talent was another of the qualities that conquered the man who in the 90s was the runaway boyfriend of the show. “There is nothing more seductive than talent. I met her in a scene from the soap opera Si nos dejan, I only saw her in that scene and I turned to look at her. She took two months for us to see each other; When that happened, I went over to talk to her, and we stayed for a long time. I invited her to dinner, she agreed and today is the story we are living. I hope that tomorrow this will continue to be the case between her and me.

After a recent divorce, Alexis Alexis is not afraid of marriage; she believes that every relationship is different.

“I have a lot of light in my life, and I see her with light, with gratitude; As long as I’m healthy, I can look for “yes” in every way. If you get fired from a job, are you going to look for another? If you lose in a race, are you not going to play another, are you not going to compete? Life is to be lived and you have to let things happen; You also have to give yourself the chance to make things happen”, expresses the villain of Vencer la ausencia.

Paternity is something that he does not rule out either, since, according to his own words: “I would like everything with her. I am not with anyone to take away her dreams, nor that they take them away from me. As long as I am healthy, everything is a yes”.

In addition to his upcoming wedding, Alexis is focused on recording the telenovela Pienso en ti, a production by Carlos Bardasano starring Dulce María and David Zepeda. “I am happy that there is this continuity, to return to this production and have such an important antagonist in my hands, so powerful in every way, to act it out, so that my directors Luis Manso and Carlos Cock take me and pull the strings. . In these last two years we have only seen him as a villain on the screen, something that is already a habit for him.

“It is that of the more than 30 soap operas that I have carried, the vast majority have been antagonistic; In fact, I only have four good ones and four co-stars, because they have always been in a couple, the good ones are shared, but I like the antagonist, I enjoy it. My career in television has gone that way; In cinema I have done a little bit of everything; In theater I always do comedy, in series I’ve also had a little bit of everything… You have to be grateful for the continuity, for your health, for being able to work, to be able to be with friends, to be able to team up, to be able to support yourself to the house, and as Brandon Peniche says: “We are ordinary people with an extraordinary job”, and that is wonderful”.

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