Alfredo Adame, Andrés García and other celebrities who left their children without an inheritance out of spite

Family relationships are complicated, even those of celebrities, because more than one has made the decision to leave their children out of the inheritance due to lawsuits of various kinds.

Undoubtedly, money and fame put particular pressure on people, so they decided in the strongest possible way set aside their blood and not share with them part of their riches when they move to the next plane.

Celebrities who left their children without inheritance

Alfredo Adame

One of the most recent to join this count is the driver, who asserted that only his daughter Vanessa will receive a financial benefit when she dies. “This 2022 taught me that there are many people who have helped him, and they are ungrateful, starting with my wife and my children,” he declared.

“They are already out of my life and I have no intention of arranging anything with them, nor to see them again”, he affirmed about his other three offspring that, according to him, they “robbed” and “used” him.

andres garcia

Another who has been blunt in this regard is the Dominican actor who recently stated that he only benefited Andrés García Jr. and not his other two children, with whom he has even had public confrontations through the media.

Julio Iglesias

It is no secret to anyone that Enrique Iglesias and his father, Julio, have gone through many ups and downs due to their decision to dedicate themselves to music, something that the singer did not like. In one of his bad spells, the Spaniard left him without an inheritance, but fortunately, Enrique has a fortune of millions of dollars. for the artistic career that he has built with his own name and effort.