Alfredo Adame at risk of being imprisoned due to the demand of Gustavo Adolfo Infante

The war between Alfredo Adame and Gustavo Adolfo Infante could leave one of them in jail if the authorities so decide.

Everything is due to a lawsuit that the journalist filed with the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office to formally accuse the actor of gender violence and defamation. Gustavo sued him after Adame assured that Infante’s mother would have been involved in criminal acts, in addition to publicly insulting her and even saying that she was engaged in witchcraft; Likewise, the actor accused the journalist of allegedly wanting to kill him.

So the authorities followed up the case and issued a subpoena order for Alfredo, so that he appears to testify before the Public Ministry; there it will be decided whether or not he will be charged.

“Right now the first court order has already been generated that the man will have to attend to and if he does not attend to it, an arrest warrant will be executed,” said Alfonso Beceiro, Infante’s lawyer.

July 5 will be the designated date for the hearing. If Adame is found guilty, he could spend up to three years in prison.

However, he could increase his time in jail: “In this first procedure, he would reach about three years in prison, there is a breakdown that reaches another penalty; it will be necessary to see how the process develops, but if he were convicted of this intentional crime, would be booked and could not carry weapons.

“The line of ‘dimes y diretes’ that occur in the artistic medium, is broken when it affects a third party, in this case it affected an elderly person, for which the Prosecutor’s Office decided to initiate actions,” he insisted. Alfonso Beceiro.