Alfredo Adame demands Magaly Chávez to get away from Guty with a strong threat

It seems that the relationship between Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chavez is not going through a good time, since the controversial driver demanded that the former Enamoranos participant stop seeing Guty Carrera in a recent broadcast of the reality show “I’m famous, get me out!” from here!”.

While the couple was doing a challenge, the actor was honest with the famous and told her that he was jealous of the model, for which he ordered: “Don’t turn to see Guty anymore, eh!”, to which she told him replied: Why? If he is a very handsome guy.

Given the response of his girlfriend, the soap opera heartthrob warned him that when Adame goes to his head, he is capable of anything.

“Because I’m jealous, queen. You know that when Adame goes to my head I can even kill,” said the famous bluntly.

After her boyfriend’s strong statement, Magaly asked him not to talk like that again and stopped the topic focusing on the challenge that was entrusted to them, however, after said chapter, Chávez claimed to Adame that he has not changed his attitude to Even though he promised her that he would, so they ended their relationship.