Alfredo Adame gets a tattoo in honor of Magaly Chávez in the intimate area

Yesterday, the reality show I am famous, get me out of here!, in which one of the most controversial couples in the world of entertainment participate: Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chávez, who caused great controversy after the actor became a tattoo in honor of his girlfriend in a very intimate part of his body: a buttock.

The actor and the former participant of “Falling in love” reconciled after a strong fight and apparently they are more in love than ever, since in the first chapter of the TV Azteca program they were very affectionate and detailed.

For her part, Magaly gave her lover one of her two mattresses, as well as a piece of foot that she won by being the winner of the first test. While Adame got a tattoo in honor of his girlfriend, in the style of Christian Nodal.

The singer Wendolee, who is another of the program’s participants, opened her “tattoo studio” in the middle of the jungle and her first “client” was the soap opera heartthrob.

The controversial celebrity, who made the bicycle kick popular, asked his partner to engrave Magaly’s name on his skin on one of his buttocks; Although the tattoo is not real and was done on a very intimate part of his body, the participants of the reality show thought it was a very romantic gesture by the actor towards his fiancée.