Alfredo Adame gets severe burns riding his motorcycle

The famous mexican presenterAlfredo Adame, was in charge of winning the headlines once again by sharing a strong experience that he lived on his motorcycle, the actor narrated how complicated his ride was and that his vehicle ended under a water pipe.

It was through the channel Angelica palaces where Alfredo explains that this mishap was something very unexpected and that it ended up generating a strong burn on the leg.

“I was on my motorcycle on the side of the viaduct Tlalpanentering from CuernavacaI was wearing shorts because I left the gym and I was between a water pipe and a car, but the pipe was very close to the line that divides the lanes and when it started it pushed me between the suitcases of the motorcycle, “he began by explaining.

Adame relates that the burn was quite intense: “He started to push me until he threw me and the motorcycle fell under the pipe. Fortunately I yelled at him and he separated, but while I was trying to turn off the bike and everything, I hit my leg on the exhaust and got burned. What happened was that, a very strong burn with the escape of my motorcycle”, he concluded.

There is no doubt that each situation that happens to him manages to attract the attention of Internet users, it seems that he was purposely looking for this type of situation, but of course they are incidents that are presented to him, all the difficulties that arise in life .

Alfredo Adame / AFP

Alfredo Adame shares the strong experience he had on his motorcycle.

“I am taking all these antibiotics, an ointment so that it does not get infected and I am treating myself. I already went to the hospital and they treated me”.

Let us remember that a few weeks ago we were able to see him in a confrontation with a family through the streets of CDMX, it seems that he still has many things to live for and we will surely be seeing here.

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