Alfredo Adame has a burn after a serious motorcycle accident

One of the artists in the entertainment world who has given the most to talk about on social networks has been Alfredo Adamebecause the controversy seems to be part of his day to day, however, this time he worried his followers after suffering a strong motorcycle accident and resulted in serious burn.

Just a few days ago, the famous The Mexican actor had caused a stir on social networks by showing off his relationship with the former participant of the reality show Magaly Chávez, where he even reported that he had told her to choose the ring she wanted to formalize the relationship and marry in a traditional way with everything and a white dress if she wanted it that way.

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It was through an interview on Youtube for the journalist Angélica Palacios Real, who Alfredo Adame told about the car accident he suffered, where he was so serious that he ended up with a burn on his left leg because he hit the limb to the exhaust.

Alfredo Adame suffers a serious motorcycle accident and ends up with a serious burn. Photo: Capture

The 63-year-old actor told the journalist that the accident occurred when he was in Viaducto-Tlalpan from Cuernavaca, when without having foreseen he ended up being run over by a pipe and in his attempt to get out the least injured was burned.

So the television host says that he was pressed by a water pipe and was under it, so he started screaming and the driver of the huge vehicle stopped, but at the moment Adame tries to get out of the situation he didn’t realize it and stuck his leg to the exhaust, so he ended up with a huge burn.

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“I was between a water pipe and a crash, but the pipe was very close to the line that divides the two lanes, when it started it managed to push me with the suitcases that the motorcycle brings”said the actor.

Adame mentioned that he was leaving the gym when the accident happened and by wearing shorts his burn was more evident when he had direct contact with the exhaust, although it is already in the healing process, so it was not mentioned what day it was exactly. which the mishap occurred.

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