Alfredo Adame returned UNRECOGNIZABLE from the reality show he won: he no longer wants lawsuits!

Alfredo Adame was in the Dominican Republic for a couple of months in the reality show ‘I’m famous, get me out of here!’, which he won after losing weight and going hungry and angry.

Upon his arrival at the airport, he told the press: “Of course I’m going to settle the matter with my children, just with them and continue my life. I haven’t changed, now I’ll continue without getting hooked, I’ll dedicate myself to other more important things than giving screen to all this bunch of mediocre, I’m not going to answer anymore, I’m tired of giving them work “.

The actor returned unrecognizable and with the white flag of peace. He assured that he will look for his children, whom he did not know at the time and even took away their last name. “They are my children and although I disinherited them and yes, I am going to talk to them, I am going to invite them to eat, to talk to them without rancor, without any complaints, we give each other a hug and a kiss and we are still family.”

About his romance with Magaly Chávez, with whom he ended up in the middle of reality, he said: “Nothing is going to happen, we had been dating for 3 months, everything was fine and then we got there and it started with strange things, he started treating me with the tip of the stand up, rude, uneducated, African, things got tense.”

Alfredo Adame lost 11 kilos during the competition in which he won 1 million pesos, which he will donate to a foundation that helps girls and women with cancer.