Alfredo Adame suffers a spectacular motorcycle accident and burns his leg

Once again Alfredo Adame has become the center of attention on social networks, however, this time it was not because of his relationship with Magaly Chávez, but because he suffered a spectacular motorcycle accident that caused him a burn.

It was on the Angélica Palacios channel where Adame explained that a pipe was involved in the mishap and he had to be hospitalized.

“I was riding the motorcycle on the side of the Tlalpan viaduct, entering from Cuernavaca; I was wearing shorts because I went to the gym and I was between a water pipe and a car, but the pipe was very close to the line that divides the two lanes and when it started, it was able to push me through the motorcycle bags.

He started to push me until he threw me and the motorcycle fell under the pipe. Fortunately, I yelled at him and he stopped, but while I was trying to turn off the motorcycle and everything, I stuck my leg to the exhaust and got a burn… What happened was that, a fairly strong burn with the motorcycle exhaust”.

The driver also reported that after the accident he began to have medical attention to prevent the wound from becoming infected. Finally, he explained that it is expected that in the next few days his skin will begin to improve after the effects of the burn.