Alfredo Adame wins reality show on TV Azteca and promises to return to his essence, goodbye to the mentioned ones!

Mexico.- After the difficult experience that Alfredo Adame in the reality of Aztec TVI’m famous get me out of here” for six weeks, he assured that “he was reset”, since he will leave behind the violent man that the public has known in recent years.

Just on the day of his 64th birthday, the controversial actor Alfredo Adame became the winner of the TV Azteca reality show, defeating by majority of votes Jessica Diaz.

On the night of this Friday, June 10, on the last day of the program in which celebrities faced difficult challenges, Oskarin the clownthe actress Jessica Díaz and Alfredo Adame faced each other to become finalists.

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Alfredo Adame was the first finalist, so Jessica and Oskarín faced each other in one last test, however the clown could not resist and gave up.

Oskarín decided to say goodbye to the reality show showing his true face, as he took off his makeup and his clown nose so that people could see Óscar Gutiérrez.

Oskarín removed her make-up to say goodbye to the reality show, showing her true face. Photos: Video Capture

In the end, through the votes of the public, it was decided who would receive the crown to become the king or queen of the jungle, and as reported by Horacio Villalobos and Atala Sarmiento, the hosts of the reality show, more than 15 million votes were received.

Before meeting the winner, Alfredo Adame was questioned by Horacio Villalobos about whether he had really changed, and the controversial driver replied that he had returned to being the man he used to be.

I don’t want to say that I changed, I returned to my essence… I ‘reset’ myself,” Adame assured.

The soap opera actor reiterated that after leaving the reality show that was recorded in the Dominican Republic, he would look for his children, from whom he had been estranged for a long time.

He also assured that he will look for Magaly, his ex-fiancée and who was also part of the reality show, but that during his stay they ended their relationship. “I love her, I miss her,” Adame said.

Alfredo Adame became the winner of ‘I’m famous, get me out of here’ after reaching the final with Jessica Díaz. Photo: Instagram

Atala Sarmiento was in charge of crowning Alfredo Adame, who won a million pesos, which he said would be donated to a foundation that makes wigs for low-income girls suffering from cancer.

“I want to thank Tv Azteca for returning me to that leading role that I earned on television,” said Adame after sitting on the “throne of the jungle.”

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